Eat This, Not That! Lists Top Fall Beers for 2022 Season

The Best Fall Beers You Need To Try Now

Summer is coming to an end, and colder weather is headed our way. Autumn brings cooler days, colorful leaves, and superlative beers. As you break out your boots, jacket, and finest log-splitting axe, also remember to stock up on some great fall beers. Indeed autumn is the season in which many of the year's best beers hit the shelves and taps.

Bud Light NEXT Celebrates Climate Neutral Certification Ahead of Earth Day 2022

image of Bud Light Next can
On the way to a Net Zero Future, Bud Light NEXT will recognize Climate Neutral milestone by purchasing all electricity at this year’s League of Legends Championship series in Houston from clean, renewable sources

Constellation Brands Announce New Products for March 2022

Constellation Brands Beer Division is pleased to announce the national launch of Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Variety Pack and Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa.

Corona seltzerita

Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Variety Pack brings true hard seltzer category innovation with the boldness of a margarita balanced with the light feel of a sparkling seltzer. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Variety Pack launches March 2022 and will be available in 12pk 12oz slim cans.

A Decade of Dedication in 2022

14th Star Brewing logo

14th Star Brewing Celebrates
a Decade of Dedication in 2022!

Look Whoo's Joining Our Family!

Night Shift Brewing Owl logo

L. Knife & Son, Inc. is proud to announce our newest partnership with Night Shift Brewing! Local to Massachusetts, Night Shift Brewing offers a wide variety of beverages for anyone looking for something new on the shelves, or on the tap lines. Join us in welcoming Night Shift Brewing to Sheehan Family Companies!

Night Shift Brewing cans

L. Knife & Son, Inc. Presents Grant to Plymouth Center for the Arts

Plymouth Center for the Arts Awarded Generous Grant from L. Knife and Son, Inc., a Division of The Sheehan Family Companies

Senior VP of SFC presents check to Plymouth Center for the Arts

The award will enable Plymouth Center for the Arts to expand the use of its gallery and meeting spaces for a wide range of public and private catered events.

Summer Arrives in the Bay State and L. Knife is prepared!


Cisco Hard Ice Tea

No Bubbles. All Flavor.

Inspired by New England’s history with tea and love for relaxing libations, Cisco

Brewers Hard Tea puts an approachable, modern twist on a local favorite.

At 5.0% ABV, our teas are flavor-packed and refreshing, steeped with a classic iced tea fnish.


Shotty's Gelatin Shots travel cooler pack 

Vodka or Wine version!

L. Knife and Son Supports Human Trafficking Prevention



L. Knife and Son Joins Nationwide Fight Against Human Trafficking in Massachusetts


Beer distributors partner with National Beer Wholesalers Association on training to identify and report signs of human trafficking


L. Knife and Son is Blooming with Sensational New Products!



TRULY PUNCH Hard Seltzer:


Bursting with juicy fruit flavors, TRULY PUNCH is all about BIG flavor and big refreshment.  It's Truly's Biggest Flavor Yet! 

STATS:  ABV 5% ~ Calories 100 ~ Sugars 1g ~ Gluten Free!

-Available in 12 Pack Variety

Welcoming "New Beers, Bourbon, Seltzer and Wine"

  What’s New?

Truly Hard Tea Seltzer:



Try the New Gold Standard.  Introducing New Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer.  refreshing hard seltzer meets real brewed tea and fruit flavor for a drink that's liquid gold.  STATS:  ABV 5% ~ Calories 100 ~ Sugars 1g ~ Carbs 2g ~ Gluten Free!