Cocktails in Cans? What? Bring the mixology with you wherever you go...

Mixologist tools on a bar top

Dark and Stormies!? Moscow Mules!? Raspberry Fizz, Hard Root beer and Mimosa’s in a can?! Yep!  Leave the cocktail glass at home, don’t forgot the ‘rocks’ though...





The Copper Can 'Moscow Mule' in a can

Can in grassWe wanted to create a drink that was refreshing, convenient, and delicious without sacrificing quality. Unlike most pre-made drinks that are either too sugary or too weak, we found the perfect balance using fresh ginger, organic limes, and 6x distilled vodka. Each batch of The Copper Can is carefully crafted and conveniently packaged so you can take Copper anywhere you go.  Lakeside, beachside, or in the mountains, Copper is the perfect drink for any outing. Copper is 10% ABV so please drink responsibly!  

10% ABV


Deacon Giles ‘G&T AF’  “Gin & Tonic”

We use our Juniper Point Gin and house made Tonic for this classic cocktail with notes of juniper berry, lime and quinine for bitterness.  

16g, 125 cal

8% abv



Deacon Giles ‘splash o’ Cran’  Cape Codder in a can

"Vodka soda with a splash of cranberry"

Using our Yankee Ingenuity Vodka, soda water and natural cranberry extract, our Splash O' Cran is a refreshing cocktail with just a splash of tartness.

7 g sugar, 95 cal

7% abv



Deacon Giles ‘Wicked Stahmy Kehd’  Moscow Mule in can

“White rum & ginger beer”

A nod to our hometown in the North Shore, Wicked Stahmy Kehd is a perfect balance of spice and sweet with our award winning Liquid Damnation White Rum as a base and the same molasses used in distillation to sweeten the natural bite of real ginger root and citrus that make up our Ginger Beer.

17g, 135 cal

7% abv


‘OHZA’ Mimosa in a can:  OJ and Bubbles Yum!

'We use quality ingredients like you would yourself, but made it lighter, less sugary and ready-to-drink. We reinvented the mimosa. Whether hitting the beach, tailgate, or après ski, mimosas are now not just for brunch. This means you can drink ‘em anytime, anywhere.  There are 2 Champagne bottles and ½ carton of Orange Juice in Every 6 pack!









Can Can Pom Pear

Pom pear spritz. The Pom Pear Spritz was made in a very small one of a kind seasonal batch. The pears were purchased at a local farmers market in Davis California at peak season. Just a dash of organic pomegranate and lemon juice were added.





Can Can Jenny and the Mule

Jenny and the Mule is Can Can Cocktails version of the iconic “Moscow Mule”.  We gave a boost to the classic by adding some fresh ginger, local honey, mint, saffron, pink Himalayan salt.  Bold in flavor and made for people who love the bite of real ginger.





Cardinal ‘Boars’ Bourbon Root Beer

Bartender Ryan has had a fascination with Root Beer ever since he was a child.  While behind the bar he was always playing with different recipes and textures to get the right combination of sweet, boozy, and that amazing root beer (sassafras) flavor.  He has been working on this recipe for the last seven years. The creation is a fine Whiskey Cocktail Root Beer made with Angostura Bitters and Bourbon.





Cardinal Maui Mule

Maui Mule is a ready-to-drink cocktail in a can: a spicy, tiki twist on a classic Moscow Mule. Made with vodka, plus real passion fruit juice, and ginger — so it’s got that kick you crave in a mule.










Cardinal Bramble Mule

Bramble Mule is a ready-to-drink cocktail in a can: a lush, fruity take on the classic Mule. Made with vodka, plus real raspberry juice, hibiscus, and ginger — so it’s got that kick you crave in a mule.









Cardinal Vodka Soda

*New!* Vodka Soda is your go-to, and we made it to go! Clean, crisp, classic, sugar-free, 95 calories. Smooth vodka plus bubbly soda — that's it. Because a simple cocktail is a great one when it’s made right!










Mile High Punching Mule Moscow Mule

We created a premium can crafted, vodka-based Moscow Mule boasting natural flavors and packing a punch with 7% ABV. If you are looking for an alternative to beer and crave the perfect cocktail, then Punching Mule is it. Kick back with a Punching Mule!









Litchfield ‘Spiked’ Lemonade

Hard work during the warm-weather season deserves a refreshing reward. That’s why we crafted this special Spiked Lemonade.  It’s made with real lemon juice, spiked with our award winning, gluten-free Batchers’ Vodka, and finished with a special blend of natural flavors.








Litchfield “The Litchfielder’

Soon after launching Litchfield Distillery, we realized there wasn’t a signature cocktail synonymous with our region. So we decided to change that. We crowd-sourced cocktail ideas and landed on The Litchfielder. It’s a deliciously simple blend of our Straight Bourbon Whiskey, local maple syrup and lemon juice.









888 ~Triple Eight Nantucket~ Organic Vodka with Carbonation:

0 carbs 0 Sugars 0 Guilt 112 calories

888 Vodka Soda that’s IT!  Bring a little of Nantucket with you!








Don’t forget this summer’s hottest trend “Punch Pops!"  Alcoholic - YES Alcoholic- Frozen Lemonade Personal Size Pops! 

Clocking in a 7.5% percent, lemonade iceeee cold and soo refreshing!







Claffeys Alcoholic Frozen Adult's Only 'POPS"

We’re for those uninhibited days and unapologetic nights. The ones that just happen spontaneously and turn out to be as perfect as the people you are with.  Your hair says you don’t care. Your job is — what was your job again? And your attitude doesn’t need adjusting but the music level might. These are the YOLO days. The let’s get out and get a little crazy days. The lie around and throw back a few lazy days. These are the Claffey’s days. Where you just grab-n-go with nothing but your friends, your fabulousness, and your box of frozen adult popsicle cocktails that are so easy, breezy, and freezy you don’t have to fix them or mix them. You just bring them along for the cool, extra-good-time of it all, and let the party go on and on and on. So, may the laughter never end. May chillaxing always be a real word. And may you forever have Claffey’s wine popsicles.