Eat This, Not That! Lists Top Fall Beers for 2022 Season

The Best Fall Beers You Need To Try Now

Summer is coming to an end, and colder weather is headed our way. Autumn brings cooler days, colorful leaves, and superlative beers. As you break out your boots, jacket, and finest log-splitting axe, also remember to stock up on some great fall beers. Indeed autumn is the season in which many of the year's best beers hit the shelves and taps.

Eat This, Not That! curated a list of 20 fall beers that you should try this year. Additionally, they get some seasonal input from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery founder and lead brewer Sam Calagione. Below are the brews that we carry in our portfolio here at L. Knife & Son that made the list:

1. Samuel adams octoberfest

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

This is a true Marzen-style beer, which means it is initially brewed back in March and then aged at cool temperatures (also known as being "lagered") until the fall. Of Marzen beers, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head said: "Marzens are great beers. I think the misperception of lager as a term, to the uninitiated, is that sounds like an industrial light lager. People think of lager and they just think of, you know, corn syrup and rice and American industrial light lager. [But] the lager style has characteristics that are generally more mellow, more fun, refined, more nuanced… there could be a massive spectrum of sensory differentiation." Which is what you'll get with this rich, malty beer.

2. stone 26th anniversary imperial ipa

Stone 26th Anniversary IPA

Frankly, this big, bold IPA would be as welcome in the depths of winter as in the autumn chill. Its bracing 9.7% ABV and huge hoppy profile enliven (and rather overpower, but in a good way) your taste buds in any season. But it just so happens that Stone released their 26th Anniversary Imperial IPA now, and it won't be around forever, so you'd better get a can, bottle, or get to a taproom this fall.

3. young's double chocolate stout

Young's double chocolate stout

Save this beer for later autumn when the nights are truly longer and colder—and ideally warmed by a fire. It's a treat in a bottle if ever there was one, both rich and sweet and perfect as an after-dinner slow-sipping beer. Also, it's only 5.2% ABV, so you can enjoy one (or two) without worrying about how you will feel in the morning.

7. new holland ichabod pumpkin ale

New Holland Ichabod

Made with real pumpkin, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and brewed using roasted malted barley, this beer from New Holland manages to be plenty rich in taste but also easy enough on the palate and the ABV (it's a scant 4.5% alcohol by volume) that you can crush a can or three Ichabods as you trick-or-treat, rake leaves, grill, or whatever else you enjoy doing in the autumn.

10. victory golden monkey

Victory golden Monkey

This Belgian-style tripel beer packs a punch at 9.5% ABV, so sip with care. And with absolute relish, as it's one of the most flavorful beers to be found in wide availability. With Golden Monkey, Victory has genuinely re-created a Belgian-style beer that would be as enjoyed in a café in Brussels as it will in your own living room or out on the porch.

11. allagash haunted house

Allagash Haunted House

What will most surprise (and please) you about this dark ale from Allagash Brewing is the fact that it is hop-forward in flavor profile. Sure, the malt is present and there's a vague coffee/toast taste here, especially on the lingering finish, but the hoppy bitterness is what defines the brew.

12. sierra nevada celebration fresh hop ipa

Sierra Nevada Celebration

This beer is a holiday brew at heart, and it's great for winter, but it first comes out in October, and as Celebration is a fresh hop ale, the earlier you get it in the season, and the sooner you enjoy it, the better. This beer, which has been made annually for going on 40 years, is a must-have taste of the season. And a hoppy taste at that.

14. ballast point victory at sea porter

Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Porters are superb fall beers, as they are rich and toasty but generally not quite as heavy as stouts, stouts being ideal winter brews. This is an ideal fall brew because it's rich, complex, and features notes of both coffee and vanilla. Sweet but subtly so, this is a slow sipper thanks to its robust 10% ABV, making it a perfect beer for long, kicked-back autumn evenings.

15. left hand pumpkin spice latte nitro

Left Hand PSL Nitro

"Carbonated" with nitrogen and brewed with oats and lactose for added creaminess, this beer genuinely does have the mouthfeel of a frothy latte. And it has a flavor crafted by blending coffee, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. So yeah, basically you need to try it.

16. golden road wolf among weeds ipa

Golden Road WAW

This is just a good, reliable IPA, and sometimes, that's all you need – fall is definitely one of those times, by the way. A blend of four types of hops defines this beer, giving it a character that's a blend of citrus and pine. The hops are nestled into a 2-row malt, while the 8% ABV is perceptible on the tongue, too.

18. new belgium atomic pumpkin

New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin

OK, one more pumpkin beer for you to try this fall, and this one may be the wildest yet. Why? Because New Belgium isn't kidding with that "atomic" word there: this is a spicy beer. Along with the pumpkin meat and cinnamon, it's brewed with habanero peppers, so it will tantalize and singe the tastebuds in just the right balance.

20. athletic brewing's all out

Athletic All Out

This is a stout-style beer that is missing something surprising: the alcohol. Why is that surprising? Because to take a sip of Athletic Brewing's All Out Extra Dark brew, you would never know it was booze-free (or almost so, at less than 0.5% ABV), as the rich taste is fully intact. Lightly bitter and mostly rich and toasty, it's a great fall beer you can sip even in the middle of the day.


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