Summer Arrives in the Bay State and L. Knife is prepared!


Cisco Hard Ice Tea

No Bubbles. All Flavor.

Inspired by New England’s history with tea and love for relaxing libations, Cisco

Brewers Hard Tea puts an approachable, modern twist on a local favorite.

At 5.0% ABV, our teas are flavor-packed and refreshing, steeped with a classic iced tea fnish.


Shotty's Gelatin Shots travel cooler pack 

Vodka or Wine version!

(please strictly adhere to Massachusetts ABCC retail licensing laws for base alcohol purchases)

Travel Cooler Bag with a zip strip closer -fill with ice- Take to the Beach, Pool, Boating, Golfing, Camping, wherever!

Case of 6/24 unit variety cooler bags $117.95 –Strawberry – Watermelon – Grape – Blue Raspberry -


Smuttynose Match Play IPA

Born on the 19th hole, and made for your next round, Match Play IPA (formerly known as Backswing IPA) is a crisp and crushable ale that you’ll never again tee up without.  Soft and refreshing, yet packed with bight and bold hops,
Smuttynose's newest IPA is a sure gimme on a hot day.


OSENA spiked coconut water

Created in 2019 at The Wharton School in Philadelphia, Osena was founded on the spirit that you have the power to live a balanced life fueled by adventure. 

Osena is a 100-calorie, zero-sugar, 5.0% ABV spiked coconut water with naturally occurring electrolytes in Pure Original and Exotic Pineapple flavors.


Barbox -Cocktail in a box- 1.75 ml.  Hello FUN!

Cosmopolitan - Vodka Sour - Negroni - and "CAMO BOX" straight 80 proof Vodka 

Bag-in-box spirit delivery provides a more sustainable packaging solution than traditional vehicles. From responsible sourcing of raw materials and constant improvements to supply chain management, through lightweight packaging and logistics optimization, bag-in-box reduces the carbon footprint of the traditional manufacturing process. Plus it delivers 2.33 bottles of vodka in a 100% recyclable, shatterproof, portable container, perfect for active lifestyles from boating to outdoor events, Beaches, Tailgating to poolside.


The original Pickle SHot Pickle Vodka - DILL or Spicy style -

The party just got a lot saltier with Award-Winning Vodka and Pickle Brine, ready to pour, 30 Proof with zero alcohol burn.   Drinks best as Shots or Bloody Mary enhancement or the best Oyster shooter pairing ever.  Pickle Consumption is at an all time high.  Have a Shot in-between your favorite drink or buy your friends a rounds of pickles to liven up the occasion!


Nantucket Craft Cocktail Variety 8 pack can

After a few years of experimenting on island, Triple Eight Distillery is ready to share their exciting line of ready to drink craft cocktails with the world. The new Nantucket Cran, Nantucket Blue, and Nantucket Ruby Grapefruit are a great representation of the unique and flavorful cocktails which were first developed on island and now grace the drink menu at the distillery.